Hotel Chocolat

The Epsom store continues the company’s strong design ethos that successfully marries the dual personalities of Hotel Chocolat – the sophisticated, fashion-led side of its stylish products and the earthy, authentic aspects of a hands-on cocoa grower. CEO, Angus Thirlwell explains: “Each and every one of our stores is designed to be a real sanctuary for our guests which connects with the escapism of Hotel Chocolat. We go to great lengths to ensure they are restful elegant places that are easy to navigate. But we also want them to reflect that we are one of the world’s few coca growing chocolatiers which is why you’ll find weathered wooden cabinets going hand in hand with sleek polished surfaces.”
At Hotel Chocolat you’ll find everything from elegant gift boxes of chocolate to an everyday chocolate fix, all made according to Hotel Chocolat’s mantra – More Cocoa, Less Sugar – for a satisfying cocoa hit.